Benefits of Soft Flow Water for the Workplace

Are you looking for a healthier, cleaner, greener solution to your business’s drinking water situation? Soft Flow Water has just what you need. We supply smart/alkaline water via numerous delivery systems to meet your needs. Consider the benefits of Soft Flow Water for the workplace to help you decide which of our many solutions is right for you.

Soft Flow Water Offers Various Products for the Workplace

Whether you prefer cold, hot, or sparkling, Soft Flow Water has the alkaline water workplace products you’re looking for. These include:

  • Point-of-entry commercial filtration: We install filtration devices that supply smart/alkaline water to your entire business. Restaurants and other facilities with high-capacity filtration needs typically choose this solution.
  • Commercial ice and filtration for ice machines: Soft Flow Water installs the Scotsman Meridian, a countertop, air-cooled ice maker and water dispenser, perfect for hotels, gyms, and break rooms. For larger ice-making capacity, consider the Scotsman Prodigy.
  • Hot and cold alkaline water dispensers: Soft Flow Water installs Wellsys water purification systems, including the WS 9000, WS 9000 CT, and WS 12000. Each of these products offers exceptional water quality through the use of BIO-SURE technology, plus an excellent warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Keurig commercial coffee: Pamper your employees with a Keurig coffee maker in the break room. The interactive touch screen allows for a customizable brew experience with up to medium-volume use.
  • Bottle filler and water fountain stations: Upgrade the dated water fountains in your school, hospital, or municipal building with a smart/alkaline water station. Two delivery methods allow users to drink directly from a fountain or fill a reusable water bottle to take on the go.

Soft Flow Water Products Meet the Highest Quality Standards

Several Soft Flow Water treatment systems consist of LG parts. Plus, all our products are made with high-grade stainless steel tanks and internal components. These characteristics make it easy to meet the highest manufacturing standards in the industry.

Soft Flow Water Dispensers are Aesthetically Pleasing

Ready to say goodbye to your bulky, blue water tanks and cheap-looking plastic dispensers? When you opt for a water dispenser, ice machine, or bottle filler from Soft Flow Water, you’ll add a contemporary, innovatively designed device to your commercial building.

Soft Flow Water Provides a Greener Alternative to Bottled Water

When tap water just won’t do, your employees may resort to bringing their own bottled water from home. But even the most robust recycling programs can’t match the sustainability of Soft Flow Water dispensers.

5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration Improves Water Quality and Taste

Soft Flow Water offers a full line of standard and specialty filters. Our most comprehensive filtration system consists of five stages:

  1. The sediment filter reduces the concentration of particles, including dirt, silt, rust, and pipe residue. This prevents the other filters in the system from becoming clogged with large debris.
  2. The pre-carbon filter reduces chlorine, chemicals, and pesticides in the water.
  3. The reverse osmosis (RO) or ultra filtration (UF) membrane reduces solids, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, and metals. At this stage, the water is clear and tastes pure, so this is where many RO filtration devices stop. But not Soft Flow Water!
  4. The BIO-SURE PLUS filter accomplishes several tasks. First, it adds more than 20 minerals and electrolytes to improve water quality and taste. Then, it enhances the alkalinity to improve the water’s pH balance. Finally, it sanitizes the water with colloidal silver to maintain optimal cleanliness.
  5. The final polishing filter composed of coconut shell carbon polishes the water for the best possible clarity and taste.

Alkaline Water Systems Balance pH Levels

Tap water tends to be slightly acidic, but the human body is naturally alkaline. As it seeks to maintain a pH balance, the body may steal calcium and magnesium from bones and teeth. That’s why Soft Flow Water focuses on providing smart/alkaline water. Drinking water with the same pH level found in the body offers a much healthier environment that reduces the risk of disease and promotes better overall health.

Filtered Water is More Nutritious and Tastes Better Than Your Average Tap Water

The Soft Flow Water treatment process includes the addition of minerals that make water taste great. These minerals, which are often stripped from tap water, are also added back into many bottled water brands to enhance the taste. With Soft Flow Water, you can enjoy the best-quality water without creating more plastic waste.

Soft Flow Water Offers Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service

In addition to providing excellent products, Soft Flow Water is also committed to great customer service. When you install one of our products, you can expect:

  • Free installation
  • Free equipment relocation
  • Same-day service in most cases
  • Annual filter changes
  • Five-year warranty coverage
  • Best-in-class service and maintenance
  • Convenient, automated billing

Contact Soft Flow Water

When you’re ready to try high-quality water filtration products in your workplace, reach out to Soft Flow Water. Our commercial water cooler company is based in San Diego, with nearly a decade of experience providing sustainable alternatives to bottled water. In that time, we have grown to be the largest provider of plumbed-in alkaline water coolers in California, with a presence from San Diego to Redding. For more information about our products and services, or to request a free quote from our water experts, please call (619) 255-5424 or contact us online today.